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Thursday, May 18, 2006

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May 11, 2006

Well, We're Movin' On Up... To The Golan!? Go'el flies solo this week, and speaks with Golan ( guru David Spellman ( about what the gorgeous northern communities of Israel have to offer. Yishai Fleischer ( also makes a guest appearance to talk about Kumah, AB Yehoshua and this summer's incoming flights. Go'el also talks about some exciting, meaningful Aliyah news from his hometown of Philly. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW

May 4, 2006


Apr. 6th

Who says that an old dog can't learn new tricks? Goel and Simcha get some inspiration and insight from Ray Walker, who made Aliyah at the age of 85. Rivka Ben-Ari,the senior counselor at AACI ( (02-561-7151), takes a break from Passover cleaning to give potential senior olim a heads-up on what to look forward to.

Mar 30th

GO'EL AND SIMCHA WANT YOU!!! AND ISRAEL NEEDS YOU!!! The Israel Elections hit the Aliyah Revolution, and Simcha and Go'el give their perspectives on the voting process and on the election results ... and the major take-away that Diaspora Jewry needs to understand. Simcha also talks about the impending "upsherin" (ritual haircut) for his son, and Dr. Ron Wachtel ( discusses Kav L'Noar, his organization that helps troubled teens adjust to life in Israel.

Mar 23rd

Simcha goes solo this week, as The Aliyah Revolution profiles the Jerusalem community of Ramot with Jay Kalish (, and illuminates issues and solutions for Olim who want to transfer their foreign prescription medication over to the Israeli counterpart.

Mar 16th

Commitment issues with Aliyah? Listen to what Goel and Simcha have to say in helping you make the big decision. We also profile the community of Beit-El with Malka Fleischer, and get some great advice from our resident Ima.

Mar 9th - Purim Show

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE ALIYAH REVOLUTION SHOW. On the Purim (satire) edition of the show, Go'el and Simcha definitely go a little too far in trying to convince listeners to NOT make Aliyah and, if they are already in Israel, to leave ASAP to pursue their "dreams."

Mar 2nd

This week we have Goel's father in the studio to share his thoughts about his first visit to Israel, and tips for the families of olim. Simcha's wife, Beth, shares her experience about some uniquely Israeli opportunities for moms to take care of themselves. Plus we learn about remaking yourself professionally from Nachum Eilberg.

Feb 16th

Tamar Yonah talking Aliyah? Eli Stutz on the air? What is this, Old Timer's Day at Arutz Sheva? No! Tamar returns as guest co-host to talk with Go'el about Tu B'Shvat in Israel. Eli (, resident of Rimonim, comes on to profile his north-of-Jerusalem town. And Go'el talks with New Yorker Tova Epstein about the challenges of having a close sibling make Aliyah.

Feb 9th

Get Some Real Answers About Special Ed in Israel... Go'el and Simcha speak with Shari Kleinerman ( about how to ensure the best education for your special needs child. They also profile Karnei Shomron (, and hear the Ima's Perspective on healthy eating in Israel.

Feb 2nd
Easy landing vs. Israeli immersion. Simcha and Goel talk with Aryeh Sonnenberg of Ramat Beit Shemesh about issues involved with moving to predominantly anglo communities. What can you do to help keep Jews in Israel from losing their homes? Listen to this week's Aliyah Revolution and find out!

Jan 26th

Can You Coach Aliyah, Or Is It Something One Is Born With? Ben Goldfarb ( is a 100% certified coach, and he gives listeners advice on the five major obstacles of Aliyah. Go'el and Simcha also profile Rechovot (, and get some extra advice on Aliyah from Meir Tulkoff.

Jan 19th

LOCATION... LOCATION... LOCATION! That's the first rule of buying real estate. What are the rest of the rules? What are the rules specific to Israel? Go'el and Simcha speak with Tehilla's Paysi Golomb ( about mortgages, and to attorney Boaz Goldschmid (also a member of Kol Achai - about the legal aspects of real estate. Go'el also tries to convince Boaz and his brothers to go on a concert tour.

Jan 12th

We celebrate Goel's son's bris (circumcision) and talk about having babies in Israel in the Ima's perspective. We profile the community of Hashmonaim ( with Judy Simon, and wrap the show up with some very good interviewing/employment advice from Judy Lowy of IDT.

Jan 5th

Mazal Tov to Goel on the birth of a son! We learn about how to have a good job interview, working for a company in the US while living in Israel, and picking "The Perfect Community." In addition, Simcha reads us one seriously infuriating editorial from the newspaper.

Dec 29th

Goel celebrates his one-year Aliyah anniversary, we take a trip south to find out about living single in Beer-sheva, Avi shares one of his analogies with us, and we get the Ima's perspective on winter in Israel.

Dec 15th

What to expect when you're making Aliyah.... and you're expecting
Simcha and guest host, his wife, Beth talk about having a baby in Israel. Plus, they proile the Charedi community of Tel Zion and get the Ima's perspective on making Aliyah when you have adult children who stay behind.

Dec 8th

Who says you can't make Aliyah with teenagers?! Go'el and Simcha prove it's just a myth, with help from parent-of-teens Penina Eilberg and teenager Rachel Benzaquen, who illustrate families can make Aliyah with kids older than 8. Simcha also talks his encounter with one of the builders of Israel ...

Nov 24, 2005

Now THAT'S a birthday! Go'el and "the Ima" talk about birthday parties in Israel. We learn about the Jerusalem community of Talpiot with Josh Halickman (, and we interview the owner of Strand Moving Systems about the ins and outs of shipping. We are also reminded that there are no guarantees in Aliyah, but there IS an opportunity for one heck of a pay-off!

Nov 10, 2005

Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor ... YOUR SINGLES!!!! Go'el and Simcha focus on the Aliyah experience for singles. They also profile the northern coastal town of Nahariya, a beautiful town a half hour from Haifa. The Ima also gives her perspective on children's books.

Nov 3, 2005

Go'el welcomes NEW CO-HOST Dr. Simcha Shapiro!! They talk about the right time to make Aliyah, whether to worry about living "over the green line," and are privileged to hear a HECK of an analogy from Avi. Simcha's wife also gives The Ima's Perspective.

Oct 27, 2005

The Jewish Holidays in Israel aren't a "cool" novelty, they're reality! Go'el and guest co-host Shlomo Benzaquen have some harsh words for people who get a kick out of visits to Israel. They also profile the Jerusalem area community of Kochav Yaakov.

Oct 6, 2005

Hear why Go'el freaks out about a million dollars being donated for people to go to the Ukraine for Rosh Hashanah, rather than to Israel. Co-host Simcha Shapiro calms him down, and also discusses with Go'el why LIVING in Israel for the holidays is so special.

Sep 22, 2005

Go'el and guest co-host Dr. Simcha Shapiro profile Karnei Shomron with resident Steve Schwartz. Also on the show, David Fink ( tells an amazing story that is sure to make potential Olim think much more seriously about making the big move. Listeners hear another one of Avi's Analogies, and from Go'el's wife, Gilla, who gives "The Ima's Perspective" on "aruchat esser" - the 10 a.m. meal that parents send to school with their kids.

Sep 15, 2005

Go'el and guest co-host Avi Barr interview new Oleh, Tuvia Grossman, who went from being beaten to a pulp by Palestinians 5 years ago to walking off an Aliyah flight this week. They also profile the community of Bet Shemesh, a growing city that many potential Anglo Olim consider as a landing spot. They also discuss how Aliyah is like marriage.

Sep 8, 2005

Go'el welcomes SPECIAL guest co-host Tamar Yonah, who takes the show to a new level ... especially concerning issues like shopping and eating at restaurants. They speak with 19+ year Olah Debbie Nabozny. Debbie reflects on what she and her husband have built during their almost two decades in Israel. Go'el and Tamar also welcome Maale Adumim resident Gidon Ariel onto the show to help them profile that community, which is less than ten minutes from Jerusalem.

Sep 1, 2005

Go'el speaks to Baltimore's Rabbi Shmuel Silber about whether North American rabbis are going to have to soon begin practicing what they preach when it comes to Aliyah. R' Silber also gives a timely, inspirational Torah lesson about Aliyah. Also on the show is Joshua Fox, resident of Moshav Aderet, who profiles his community for listeners. And Go'el also talks about what's special about meetings, education and weddings in Israel.

Aug 25, 2005

Go'el talks with Bruce Abrams, Oleh to Efrat, about how his family overcame the tremendous challenge of a family member NOT wanting to make Aliyah. NBN's Dudy Starck also spends time on the show discussing a new initiative to target North American tourists who visit Israel during the Sukkot holiday.

Aug 11, 2005

Go'el speaks with Judy Lowy, IDT Israel's director of recruitment, about REAL job opportunities for English-speaking Olim. He also speaks with 10-year Aliyah veteran Dani Wozznah, who discusses his Aliyah journey, as well as a fascinating article he wrote about reasons to NOT make Aliyah. Go'el also listens to Keren Schip talk about her Galil community of Mitzpeh Netofa, a yeshuv about 30 minutes from Tiberias.

Aug 4, 2005

Go'el talks about the incredible Nefesh B'Nefesh flight arrival of August 3. He also interviews Casriel Accardi, who has an incredible story about his family's Aliyah decision. Laura Ben-David of the Gush Etzion community of Neve Daniel also comes onto the show to tell all about what makes it so special there. Go'el also issues a challenge to the North American rabbis, who talk often about making Aliyah, but may make a much bigger difference if they lead by example and make Aliyah themselves.